Sunday, August 23, 2009

hot stuff attempt


I didn't construct this exactly, not even close really. I just tried to see if I could get the proportions If I constructed the scenery first, I still made most of hot stuff's body right, but his chest seems flat and not wide enough, and I made his face different than in the picture. I drew the trident horribly

Im going to try to re-construct this again later some time, but Ive begun constructing the cutsey pony picture again

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

first attempt at cutesy horse scene

I attempted to construct this

I can already see things Ive done carelessly,

one I went "out of bounds" of the pannel

another i didn't give enough space to construct the horse, I made it too big along with its cowboy goblin

I had a very hard time with that horse, I was constantly eyeballing the proportions and they never came out right

I think I did a fairly good job constructing the bushes and trees and the silhouette of the whatsit between the trees

also the horse has a butt on its chest, thats what kept me going